Thursday, September 13, 2007

"best of" nominations

I'm excited to announce that several works from kaleidowhirl have been nominated for "Best of" awards.

Six works were nominated for the 2007 Best of the Net Anthology to be compilied by Sundress Publications. They are:
"In the Voice of a Minor Saint"
Sarah Sloat

"Marked Woman"
Maryann Corbett

"Couple storked"
Rochelle Ratner

"Deposits in the Heart Region"
Liz Gallagher

Theodore Worozbyt

Alex Grant

"Good Kid"
Randall Brown

"Robotica Part One"
Neil Ornstein

More info on the 2007 Best of the Net Anthology may be found here:

Three poems were nominated for the Best of the Web 2007 anthology to be published by Dzanc Books ( They are:
"How Do We Love Again This Letting Go?"
Ronda Broatch

"Promethium (Pm) The day I fell in love with a thief"
Michaela A. Gabriel

"Dream of My Mother No. 3"
Adrienne Lewis

Congratulations to all nominees!


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