Monday, April 06, 2009

kaleidowhirl has new URL, plus updated reading and publication schedules to be announced soon

My ISP has automatically assigned its new name to sites, so instead of, kaleidowhirl is now at All content is still available; just insert windstream in place of alltel in any kaleidowhirl URL. If you have a link on your blog or website to your work which has been published in kaleidowhirl, you will need to manually change the link from alltel to windstream, as the old URL will not automatically forward to the updated URL.

kaleidowhirl has been dormant for a while; I never announced an official hiatus as I intended to have set a new reading and publication schedule quite some time ago and be taking submissions again by now. Health issues have kept things complicated, and a computer crash at the end of 2008 wiped out all my data and programs. Updated kaleidowhirl info will be coming soon; I hope to announce a new reading period around late spring/early summer. I also apologize if I owe you an email regarding kaleidowhirl.

Update: Tuesday, 7 April: I have attempted to send an e-mail regarding the URL change to all contacts on the kaleidowhirl e-mail address; the e-mail would not allow me to send to over 500 contacts, so all contacts have yet received the notice. If you received this e-mail, please be assured your e-mail has not been added to a mailing list. If you are not signed up for the kaleidowhirl notify list and would like to do so, please visit ; the notify list sign-up is near the bottom of the page. The notify list is low volume; messages are sent out for submission calls, new issue announcements, and infrequent announcements such as this.

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

Friday, August 29, 2008

spring issue

The spring 2008 issue of kaleidowhirl, which is now the spring/summer issue, will be coming soon after a long delay. I had surgery in May and anticipated a delay; however, I did not think the delay would be this lengthy! I have almost finished coding and proofreading the issue and it should be online by the end of August.

The submission period for the next issue will be announced soon along with a change in publication times/frequency. Please sign up for kaleidowhirl's notify list to be alerted.

Theodore Worozbyt's poem "Open," previously published in kaleidowhirl, is chosen for anthology

kaleidowhirl congratulates Theodore Worozbyt! His poem "Open," published in kaleidowhirl's summer 2006 issue, was selected for the printed anthology Online Writing: The Best of the First Ten Years, to be published by Snowvigate Press and edited by Doug Martin and Kim Chinquee.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

nominations for the 2007 Pushcart Prize

Thursday, September 13, 2007

"best of" nominations

I'm excited to announce that several works from kaleidowhirl have been nominated for "Best of" awards.

Six works were nominated for the 2007 Best of the Net Anthology to be compilied by Sundress Publications. They are:
"In the Voice of a Minor Saint"
Sarah Sloat

"Marked Woman"
Maryann Corbett

"Couple storked"
Rochelle Ratner

"Deposits in the Heart Region"
Liz Gallagher

Theodore Worozbyt

Alex Grant

"Good Kid"
Randall Brown

"Robotica Part One"
Neil Ornstein

More info on the 2007 Best of the Net Anthology may be found here:

Three poems were nominated for the Best of the Web 2007 anthology to be published by Dzanc Books ( They are:
"How Do We Love Again This Letting Go?"
Ronda Broatch

"Promethium (Pm) The day I fell in love with a thief"
Michaela A. Gabriel

"Dream of My Mother No. 3"
Adrienne Lewis

Congratulations to all nominees!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

response time -- autumn issue

Response times have been delayed this reading period due to my persistent health problems. Although I have caught up with most replies, there are still a few left to do. My apologies if your submissions receive a delayed response.

For those submissions not following guidelines (not submitted during specified periods, stories way over word count, etc.), I typically send a repsonse indicating the submission cannot be accepted for that reason, but due to an increase in these, submissions ignoring guidelines may be disregarded.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

best of web nominations

The following works have been nominated by kaleidowhirl for the Best of the Net anthology compiled by Sundress Publications. Online journals were allowed to submit up to six poems and two stories for consideration. More information about this project may be found at .

Congratulations to those nominated; it was a tough decision to choose only eight pieces.

Poetry submission: The Real Night
Poetry URL:
Author: Wendy Taylor Carlisle

Poetry submission: Small Stanzas in Autumn
Poetry URL:
Author: Barbara Crooker

Poetry submission: When Juliet Says I Love You
Poetry URL:
Author: Kelli Russell Agodon

Poetry submission: A Fable on Fire
Poetry URL:
Author: Jennifer Gresham

Poetry submission: Geese, Tree, Apple, Leaves
Poetry URL:
Author: Jeanne Murray Walker

Poetry submission: Fireworks
Poetry URL:
Author: Ravi Shankar

Fiction submission: Float Away
Fiction URL:
Author: Aline Soules

Fiction submission: Ahab Gets His Whale
Fiction URL:
Author: Paul A. Toth

Saturday, July 16, 2005

kaleidowhirl blog

Note added 8/31/2006: This blog was created in 2005 and obviously not used for months. I have tried out some blog services and blogspot seems to fit kaleidowhirl's needs and my ease of use as a novice blogger. Notices of award nominations, kaleidowhirl noted elsewhere on the web, and posts about technical difficulties will be the focus of this blog; I plan to update it as needed, but do not plan on posting often or adding lots of links due to time constraints. Please visit kaleidowhirl at Thank you.

Original post: I've created a blog for kaleidowhirl, the online literary journal I edit. For announcements about new issues and submission calls, I use my notify list; I want to keep it for those who want a very low-volume notice of the basics regarding kaleidowhirl.

In this blog, I intend to share more detailed information and have an easily-accessible place to post notices (for example, delays in publishing and computer problems which slow down production -- this blog will allow me to post such info if I need to use another computer without having to FTP info to the kaleidowhirl site).