Monday, April 06, 2009

kaleidowhirl has new URL, plus updated reading and publication schedules to be announced soon

My ISP has automatically assigned its new name to sites, so instead of, kaleidowhirl is now at All content is still available; just insert windstream in place of alltel in any kaleidowhirl URL. If you have a link on your blog or website to your work which has been published in kaleidowhirl, you will need to manually change the link from alltel to windstream, as the old URL will not automatically forward to the updated URL.

kaleidowhirl has been dormant for a while; I never announced an official hiatus as I intended to have set a new reading and publication schedule quite some time ago and be taking submissions again by now. Health issues have kept things complicated, and a computer crash at the end of 2008 wiped out all my data and programs. Updated kaleidowhirl info will be coming soon; I hope to announce a new reading period around late spring/early summer. I also apologize if I owe you an email regarding kaleidowhirl.

Update: Tuesday, 7 April: I have attempted to send an e-mail regarding the URL change to all contacts on the kaleidowhirl e-mail address; the e-mail would not allow me to send to over 500 contacts, so all contacts have yet received the notice. If you received this e-mail, please be assured your e-mail has not been added to a mailing list. If you are not signed up for the kaleidowhirl notify list and would like to do so, please visit ; the notify list sign-up is near the bottom of the page. The notify list is low volume; messages are sent out for submission calls, new issue announcements, and infrequent announcements such as this.

Thanks for your patience and continued support!


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