Thursday, August 31, 2006

best of web nominations

The following works have been nominated by kaleidowhirl for the Best of the Net anthology compiled by Sundress Publications. Online journals were allowed to submit up to six poems and two stories for consideration. More information about this project may be found at .

Congratulations to those nominated; it was a tough decision to choose only eight pieces.

Poetry submission: The Real Night
Poetry URL:
Author: Wendy Taylor Carlisle

Poetry submission: Small Stanzas in Autumn
Poetry URL:
Author: Barbara Crooker

Poetry submission: When Juliet Says I Love You
Poetry URL:
Author: Kelli Russell Agodon

Poetry submission: A Fable on Fire
Poetry URL:
Author: Jennifer Gresham

Poetry submission: Geese, Tree, Apple, Leaves
Poetry URL:
Author: Jeanne Murray Walker

Poetry submission: Fireworks
Poetry URL:
Author: Ravi Shankar

Fiction submission: Float Away
Fiction URL:
Author: Aline Soules

Fiction submission: Ahab Gets His Whale
Fiction URL:
Author: Paul A. Toth